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Looking back at the year, I see I haven’t written much since March of 2016. The lack of writing isn’t from lack of subject matter or desire; mostly, it is a result of time and other priorities. But perhaps, as temperatures cool…

In the interim, I share (with the author’s permission) the newly begun blog of a tiny Viking. Here it is: http://thevikingsdelight.wordpress.com

Until later…

Goodbye, 600

Thanks to StillnessOfHeart for bringing this to my attention. It brings back great memories of my short time at The Huron Daily Plainsman.

Tommy Tomlinson

They threw a big party at the Charlotte Observer on Thursday. You could also get by with calling it a wake. The reason for the party was that the newspaper is moving out of the building it has lived in since 1970, on the spot where the newspaper has been published since 1927. The reason for the wake had nothing to do with concrete and steel. It was about the people who make newspapers, and what they believe in.

Hundreds of people filled the lobby of the old building at 600 S. Tryon St. There were Pulitzer winners, and people who sold millions in ads, and circulation directors who figured out how to get the paper on the doorsteps of hundreds of thousands of people at 6 in the morning every day. There was Cynthia McCarter, the security guard who knows the building like a mama knows her child, and Gladys…

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